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  • Tulip#4

    300,00 €Price

    This series of work is comprised of drawings on silk materials. The work originates from multi-layered feelings of anger, primarily but not limited to transitional anger, as conceptualized by Martha Nussbaum. It stems from my observation that anger is often expressed in twisted or repressed ways, which has led me to consider the effects this emotion has had on my creative unconscious.

    My background and culture have always dictated that I should repress my needs and any difficult emotions, and the culture and politics of my childhood have deeply affected the ways through which I process and experience both trivial and intense emotions. The volatility and violence of my art is therefore not so much a form of self-torture or self-flagellation but emancipation.


    This reflects my usual approach to creating art on silk clothing. It involves starting with spontaneous and instinctive drawings scattered across the paper, marking the beginning of the Tulip series. Created using ink on paper and combined with canvas fabric through a mounting technique, the artwork has dimensions of approximately 130cm in length and 66cm in width, inclusive of the fringes.


    To make a purchase, kindly reach out through email or Instagram. There are multiple payment options, including a secure Stripe link that supports various payment methods as well as PayPal and bank transactions. Feel free to inquire about any further details.

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